[2019] Top Ten U.S. City Destinations

[2019] Top Ten U.S. City Destinations

Menta Session’s Top Ten U.S. City Destinations

Today we will talk about United States of America and what cities to visit, if you will have the opportunity come in U.S. . This is a descriptive list of the top ten cities to visit in the Unites States. Each has a short description of the reasons people visit every year. You cannot go wrong visiting these great American cities any time of the year.

#1 Visit New York City

Visit New York - Central Park
Visit New York – Central Park

Central Park, Times Square and the Statue of Liberty. NYC, the greenest city in America but tours to the Statue of Liberty gets you no photograph, too close. Take the Staten Island Ferry for best photo-op.

To have the best view of Central Park and also of Empire State Building, we recommend you to go to Top of the Rock (30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112). And, if you really want to see the best, go there late at night. You will see the amazing lights of the New York. To make an idea about what we recommend, take a look to the picture below:

Empire State Building vs. Top of the Rock
Empire State Building vs. Top of the Rock
Other NY’s good location to go

One World Trade Center, Rainbow Room, High Line. If you like historic places, try McSorley’s Old Ale House ( the oldest bar in New York ). On the other hand, if you like entrepreneurship and business things, try Wall Street. By the way, did you know the history of the Wall Street? Take a look at the picture below:

The History of Wall Street
The History of Wall Street
In the 1640's the Dutch inhabitants of New Amsterdam built a 12' wall to keep the bad hombres out. In 1664 the British ignored the wall and took New Amsterdam by sea. It's now called New York. They took down the wall and built a street. It's called Wall Street.

#2 Visit Charleston

Visit Charleston
Visit Charleston – South Carolina

History everywhere and this is the place for 4th of July holiday. Giant festival and the biggest fireworks show in America.

One of the best restaurants of Charleston is The Obstinate Daughter. It is a location you cannot miss. Very good food!  Near it, you can go to Sullivan’s Island Beach. If you like to eat donuts,  Farmers Market in Marion Square Park is a very good choice.  Another good place where to eat in Charleston is Tavern&Table, in Shem Creek. Try it!

If you want to keep very good memories about Charlestone, go to Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum. Aaaand, if you really want to get the best of Charleston, try a Fly in Helicopters’s Tour. A 15 minutes tour costs around $100 and you will get the best view of Charleston.

$3 Visit Las Vegas

Visit Las Vegas, Nevada
Visit Las Vegas – Nevada

Las Vegas is not just for gambling. The city is one giant theme park. It is impossible not to have fun in Las Vegas. You will find affordable hotels, amazing dining and an unexpected China Town.

#4 Visit Honolulu

Visit Honolulu, Hawaii
Visit Honolulu, Hawaii

People visit Honolulu for amazing beaches, amazing surfing, super sunsets and Hawaiian Luau meals. Tours to volcanoes and nature parks are also amazing.

#5 Visit Chicago

Visit Chicago - Illinois
Visit Chicago – Illinois

Visit Chicago because of the excellent museums, architecture, amazing restaurants, famous hotels and shopping on the Million Dollar mile.

#6 Visit Boston

Visit Boston - Massachusetts
Visit Boston – Massachusetts

Revolutionary American history and architecture, Steamed Lobsters, Boston Buffet Breakfasts and wild nightlife are my main reasons to visit Boston.

#7 Visit San Diego

Visit San Diego - California
Visit San Diego – California

World class sea and zoological parks, the NASCAR RC44 San Diego Cup race and constantly fabulous weather are why so many people come to visit San Diego.

#8 Visit Seattle

Visit Seattle - Washington
Visit Seattle – Washington

The Space Needle, the Pike Place Market, Seattle Art Museum Native American Art, Puget Sound and Mount Rainer are the draws for Seattle Washington.

#9 Visit Washington D.C.

Visit Washington D.C.
Visit Washington D.C.

DC has the biggest collection of excellent museums on the planet. The Washington Mall and the National Archives, the Washington Zoological Park and the Smithsonian Institute are what draws millions of visitors to DC every year.

#10 Visit Denver

Visit Denver - Colorado
Visit Denver – Colorado

Amazing Denver has great museums, the Rocky Mountains, the 16th Street Mall and LoDo, professional sports and the US Mint as a reason to visit.

Ten cities are not enough to represent the great cities of America. The line had to be drawn somewhere, we hope you agree with our choices

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